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Thomas Cycles | Your specialist in Speed Pedelecs 45 km/h

Speed pedelecs can roughly be divided into 2 categories:

A. Mid-motor-driven

B. Rear-wheel-motor-driven

Both have advantages and disadvantages. Let's outline the necessary points of attention:

A. Mid-motor-driven:

  • The mid-motors are less powerful (350W) than the rear-wheel motors (600W and more), making it impossible for the average rider to maintain 45 km/h. Average speeds of around 35 km/h are more realistic.

  • The power of the motor is transmitted integrally through the drivetrain to the rear wheel. Technically, it is a better choice to opt for a toothed belt rather than a chain. A toothed belt implies a different choice of gearing system (you cannot shift a belt onto a different sprocket like a chain). The cheaper internal gear systems (Shimano Nexus 7, 8, or Shimano Alfine 8, 11) are not resistant to the forces of a speed pedelec motor; therefore, a stronger (and thus more expensive) system must be chosen. Good systems include Rohloff or the continuously variable Enviolo TR hub.

  • A lower speed results in lower consumption, benefiting the range. Additionally, the leading mid-motor manufacturer, Bosch, provides larger battery capacities: up to 1250 Wh with Kettler!

  • It is somewhat easier to repair a flat rear tire on mid-motor-driven bikes.

B. Rear-wheel-motor-driven:

  • Higher speeds of 45 km/h are easily maintained in most conditions, but the bike also endures more. Therefore, it is crucial that the components are of high quality: wheel strength, frame robustness, battery anchoring, suspension quality, brakes, etc. This partly explains the higher price range where premium brands are situated.

  • Higher speed means higher consumption and a smaller range.

  • The acceleration capability and speed are sensational.

  • The chain is an excellent choice; the only forces the chain has to handle are those from your own legs. With proper maintenance, our customers achieve an average of 4500 km with 1 chain. If you want even more maintenance-friendly riding, the combination of a rear-wheel motor and toothed belt is the ideal choice.

  • Possibility to choose the Pinion gearshift system: belts and sprockets last a long time (> 25,000 km), and even bottom brackets do not need to be replaced. Moreover, Pinion gearshift systems have a large gear range, allowing you to pedal slowly at high speeds if desired.

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Gratis bikefiting bij aankoop van een fiets
Persoonlijke service
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