Thomas Cycles stands for premium service, quality and sustainability

Premium service means firstly that we listen to the wishes and needs of the customer. We prefer to work by appointment, because we want to give the time to advise objectively and the various pros and cons of bicycle models, doing explained accessories or insurance plans. We try to reduce overchoice by making a thorough selection based on the price-quality ratio, aesthetics, and service level of the supplier.

The focus on quality is reflected in the composition of the assortment. We don’t sell bicycles which are prone to defects, cracks or squeaks. The components we use for maintenance and repair are top of the range; our cables are extra flexible and made from stainless steel, our barke pads don’t squeakt, grips and saddles are scientifically tested for ergonomics …

Durability stems from the belief that we have to take care of our planet and environment. Suppliers who reduce their footprint therefore have an edge. Our lubricant-and cleaning products are biodegradable, and refillable from bulk containers. Repair takes preference over replacement. We use 100% green electricity from Ecopower. And last but not least, our bikes are “made to last”.

Tot in de details

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Er wordt steeds tijd gemaakt voor een uitgebreid, vriendelijk en professioneel onthaal, geweldige service en producten en complete uitleg. En dat alles met aandacht voor doorzaamheid!

Advies triathlonfiets en opmeten

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Zeer goed advies na opmeten voor aankoop triatlonfiets! Top !


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Voor wie een iets exclusievere MTB wil kan ik Thomas Cycles zeker aanraden! Trots om me als eerste een fiets te mogen kopen via Thomas, die trouwens service partner is van Radon bikes. Super fiets, super service. Zal zeker niet de laatste fiets zijn die ik daar gekocht heb!
Pallet Wall Frog

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